Если из истории убрать всю ложь, то это совсем не значит, что останется одна только правда - в результате может вообще ничего не остаться.
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Alien Mysteries
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They are watching, they are waiting, they are already here...

Alien Mysteries is a shockingly imaginative original series candidly chronicles first-person accounts of UFO sightings, alien encounters and abductions. In each episode, dramatic reenactments recount stunning real-life unexplained alien experiences, taking viewers on a thrilling - and sometimes terrifying - journey. Their bizarre, life-altering encounters are vividly depicted using new state-of-the-art CGI. As well, each story features scientists and researchers who probe the question - how is this possible?
Alien Mysteries is a fantastically creative and imaginative new take on some of the most enduring UFO mysteries from the last 50 years. Each story is backed up by credible witnesses, investigative reports, and tangible evidence such as physical markings, photographs, radar reports, and videos.

Episode 1: The Reed Family

March 2009, Brownsburg, Indiana. An ordinary night turns terrifying when Matthew Reed follows a strange light while driving home from work. The last thing Reed remembers is his car stalling... he regains conciousness hours later, parked in a field miles away with blood on his face and his SUV seriously damaged. Reed - like previous family members before him - fears he was taken aboard an alien spacecraft. But was he? Experts launch an investigation with stunning results.


Episode 2: Lights Over Stephenville

January 2008, Stephenville, Texas. Residents from Stephenville witness a series of extraordinary, unexplained sightings. Steve Allen, a business owner and long-time private pilot, along with two close friends, suddenly notice strange lights moving quickly across the sky. They've never seen anything like it and become even more awestruck when they see the lights are attached to a huge aircraft. When it appears a second time, it is being chased by F-16s. Meanwhile, in another part of town, three Erath County police officers witness the same event. What could it possibly be? The men report the event to the local airport and the military. But, the authorities deny there was anything in the sky that night...

Episode 3: Corina Saebels

In July 1991, Corina Saebels, a devoted single mother of two, sees a huge spaceship hovering over her home in Aldergrove, British Columbia.

When she learns from her friend that she disappeared for more than 45 minutes, time she can't account for, she reports the sighting to UFO BC and discovers 15 people witnessed a similar craft. Corina faces her life's biggest challenge when her daughter reports seeing an alien in her bedroom. The incident triggers a haunting childhood memory and sparks a series of flashbacks that expose Corina to the aliens who are after her and her family. Corina moves her family from Aldergrove to protect her daughter, but can how long can she hide?

Episode 4: Rendlesham Forest

On Christmas night in 1980, US Airmen Jim Penniston and John Burroughs venture into England's Rendlesham Forest to investigate a probable downed airplane.

What they see defies description - is it a glowing orb, a classified military craft, or a UFO from a distant galaxy? The two men are even more mystified when they discover missing time and their memories don't match up. Two nights later, while haunting visions keep Penniston awake at home, Burroughs and a team of men return to Rendlesham forest and discover more strange lights they can't explain. The airmen report their findings to their superiors and are instructed to hush up their accounts. When a series of mysterious physical ailments turn Pennsiton and Burroughs to hypnotherapy for answers, they discover an unearthly explanation that pushes the boundaries of time and space.

Episode 5: Buck's County

When her dog's frantic barking wakes her up in the middle of the night in 2008, Buck's County resident Denise Murter fears an intruder has entered her house.

A backyard check reveals something much more exceptional - a large spaceship hovers nearby with the capacity to vanish instantly. Against her husband's wishes, Denise reports the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network and learns someone else in the area saw a similar craft. Weeks later, the ship returns to Denise's backyard and she manages to capture physical evidence. When Denise reports a third sighting, this one even more spectacular than the others, the community mocks her story and investigators start to doubt her credibility. That is, until an incredible witness surfaces with a firsthand account that helps prove Denise is telling the truth.

Episode 6: Kecksburg UFO

On December 9, 1965, with the sun setting on the quiet town of Kecksburg Pennsylvania, Bill Bulebosh notices a brilliant fireball streaking across the sky and landing in nearby woods

Within hours, the State Police and the US Army surround the area. No one is allowed near the crashed object. As confusion reigns, locals are left to wonder what exactly fell in the Kecksburg woods. When the Air Force releases an official statement that nothing landed in the area, witnesses emerge to challenge the claim, prompting local resident Stan Gordon to delve into an intense investigation littered with cover-ups, a mysterious coded message, alien microbes and deadly Nazi secrets. Gordon's determination pays off when a witness comes forward ready to share a dangerous secret.

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